3 Sessions for $30

3 Sessions for $30

from 30.00

Choose lessons for an Individual or a Couple.

No partner is ever necessary at DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio.

This package is a Sample Platter of sorts. You will not be ready for the World Championships, your cousin’s wedding, or the Mediterranean cruise. You will have an idea of what at least six dances, maybe eight, are like. Where they come from, how they work, what the differences and similarities are, and which ones may suit you best.
If you have concerns that this is not the best way for you to start dance lessons with DanceSmiths, please call (901) 371 9393. We will do our best to point you in the best direction for you, even if we are not the answer.

For 1 or 2:
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If you have taken dance lessons before this may not be the best fit for you.

Please call (901) 371 9393 and let us guide you to the best option for you.


  1. Must be 21.

  2. Must live with 10 miles of DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio.

  3. Must be new to DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio.

  4. May not be combined with any other special, coupon, or introductory offer.

  5. Sessions must be canceled 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for that session.

  6. All sessions must be used within 30 days of first scheduled session.

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