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(901) 371 9393

376 Perkins Ext.   Suite B   East Memphis, TN 38117

Open 10:00 AM - 8:00/8:45 PM  Monday through Friday

DanceSmiths, Inc.  

...Opened it's doors August 8, 2000. Beth and Benji were determined to change and improve the dynamic of dance studios they had experienced. With attention not only on the necessary business, but also the actual dance education of the staff & students. They trained their first staff from the ground up; focusing on customer service, AND how to teach dance lessons to ANYONE.

During the last two decades every manner of student has come in the door, and DanceSmiths has found a way to teach them all. Who has taken lessons? Students with Parkinson’s, epilepsy, cancer, artificial limbs, in wheelchairs, and many more physical challenges. Housewives, pilots, accountants, engineers, teachers, executives, nurses, doctors, professional athletes, couch potatoes, LGBTQ, Size 2, Size 22, 50lbs, 450lbs, Catholic, Methodist, Southern Baptist, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist… Basically the same kinds of people you encounter everyday. ANYONE can learn to dance! It is likely that you know someone that has taken lessons at DanceSmiths!

Quick Facts:

  • DanceSmiths has excelled in training their professional staff, with most of them winning regional professional titles. 

  • Using DanceSmiths' WIN/WIN/WIN philosophy, the studio has enjoyed thousands of referrals from clients old and new. 

  • DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio is conveniently located across from Laurelwood Shopping Center in East Memphis. Just minutes from Midtown, Germantown, and Downtown Memphis.

  • The boutique dance studio can accommodate up to 40 people for group classes and practice parties.

  • DanceSmiths, Inc. is the only studio in Memphis that started from scratch, with no students.

  • The dance floor is fully floating, solid hardwood provided by DanceFloor USA. It is the only one of it's kind in Memphis. Soft under your feet, safe for your back and knees; it will help you dance longer.