Stormy Tickets

Stormy Tickets


100 tickets are available to fund Stormy’s fight!

These funds* will be transferred to Stormy Bailey to pay her bills associated with her recent breast cancer surgery and treatment. Each ticket will give you a seat to DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio’s Rising Stars & Chart Toppers Show. Ballroom & Latin routines set to a variety of music performed by every day people like you AND the Professionals from DanceSmiths.

Thank you for helping!

*the $0.60 is the fee Stripe charges for credit/debit cards. We are happy to accept cash and checks, too!

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Stormy is a great friend who is fighting an awful fight.

Simply put: our healthcare system is a wreck. Please buy tickets, or just donate, to help with Stormy's Breast Cancer Bills. No one should ever face tens of thousands of dollars of bills from a required procedure. We do not know her total as of this writing, but it is not feasible for most people.