The Studio



DanceSmiths, Inc. opened it's doors August 8, 2000. Beth & Benji were determined to change the dynamic from the dance studios they had experienced. Focusing not only on the necessary business, but also the actual dancing of their staff and students. They trained their first two staff prior to opening, and helped them to win several professional regional titles. Something that would continue with future staff as well.

Focusing on their Win/Win/Win philosophy DanceSmiths has generated thousands of referrals from their students. It is likely you know someone that has taken lessons with them!

DanceSmiths Ballroom Dance Studio is located across from Laurelwood shopping center in East Memphis. The studio can accommodate up to 40 people for group classes. We want you to be comfortable and our studio provides a safe space to let it all go and dance. 

The custom built dance floor is fully floating, solid hardwood provided by DanceFloor USA. It is soft under your feet and safe for your back, knees, and feet. 



376 Perkins Ext.

Suite B

Memphis, TN 38117


10am – 8pm Weekdays
Closed Weekends