The first dance of Mr. & Mrs. Hey

The first dance of Mr. & Mrs. Hey

Mr. & Mrs. Martin practicing before their nuptials.

Mr. & Mrs. Martin practicing before their nuptials.

Your First Dance

   Whether you want something simple or a full blown, choreographed event for the entire wedding party, we can accommodate you. We have taught hundreds of wedding couples to dance their first dance, let us teach you. Whether you choose to dance a little, or you choose to go all out, let us make your first dance memorable.

   Your private wedding dance lessons will provide you with tools to begin your married life on the right foot! Let us instill confidence in both of you, so that you can enjoy your wedding dance. Our dance instructors can take care of all your wedding dance needs, including choosing and editing music.

   This is your chance to shine in front of family and friends, leave it to the professionals at DanceSmiths to get you prepared for your wedding reception. Call for your Personal Wedding Consultation. We can help you with music, choice of dance, spacing, live music vs digital, shoe choices for the bride and groom, and more. Remember: It is your first and only chance to make your first dance memorable.

Allow a minimum of six weeks for best results. If your wedding is sooner than six weeks, please call immediately.

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What is your wedding date? What is the venue? What are the dimensions of the dance floor? Who is The Photographer/Videographer?
Let us know what song, you have chosen. If you do not have a song, we can help guide you.
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First Dance Fails

  1. Waiting until the last minute. Almost always stressful.

  2. Using a “Best Wedding Dance Song Ever” list. Choose a song that you LOVE, that means something to you. Not concerned with the song, then choose a dance that you love.

  3. Group wedding dance classes. Nothing says you are the most special person in my life like 20 other people doing the same thing to the same song. Making your mistakes in front of others can make your learning process more stressful. We work hard to make it fun, stress free, and personal to you.

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